Kellogg Foundation Policy Paper

We Must Grow Wealth Among Latinas for Today & Future Generations

NEW recently submitted a Policy Proposal Paper to the Kellogg foundation. Read the entire Kellogg Policy Paper 2014. Below is an excerpt:

NEW sees the widening wealth gap as a call to action. As the first Latina-led affordable housing developer in the US, NEW is again prepared to provide a voice and leadership for low-income immigrant Latinas and their families, this time through policy advocacy. Drawn from the Kellogg Foundation-supported Center for Creating NEW Knowledge (CCNK) whole-family financial education work, NEW presents the following policy proposals it will lead and support starting in 2014:

  1. Increase entrepreneurship and other asset building among low-wealth Latinas

  2. Integrate financial education into citizenship exams, K-12 and ESL education, and case management

  3. Include more asset building activities in calculating FICO credit scores

Read more about the proposal NEW submitted to the Kellogg Foundation.

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