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NEW’s events, programs and workshops address the wealth gap by teaching families how to think about themselves and their finances in a different way. The comprehensive NEW process initiates, supports and celebrates a transformation for the whole family.  Families begin as consumers focused on today and emerge as investors planning for tomorrow.


Topics  Addressed

Families gain a NEW perspective and financial self-confidence once they address a series of important topics:


Planning Career Development, Increasing Income, Increasing Education Levels, Acquiring New Job Skills, Budgeting, Credit,  Insurance, Wills, Savings, Emergency Funds,  Taxes,  Retirement,  Life Insurance, Stocks and Bonds,  Mutual Funds,  Philanthropy,  College Savings Plans,  Financial Beliefs and Habits, Goal Setting, Accountability and Behavioral Changes.

WholeFamily Approach

By tackling these challenging subjects together, family members gain an increased understanding of their interrelated roles and responsibilities.  They also develop a greater appreciation of their family’s current prosperity and abundance, opening themselves up to “magical moments” of self-discovery and possibility.