New Economics for Women (NEW) has  a proven history of performing multifamily acquisition, rehab and new construction with unique programs and impactful services that transform communities and engage our client families in multigenerational whole-family transformation and asset-building.  NEW’s mission is to illuminate pathways to success for women through wealth creation, education and affordable housing.  Our work results in economic security, family wellbeing, community engagement and dignity for those we serve.

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“Our home has become the anchor house for friends and family. BBQ’s and a place for kiddos to play while moms and dads hang out. I have become very involved in the community where my roots have now been established, and have a better understanding of how civic engagement is the key to any community’s’ success.”


 “Had it not been for this opportunity in the Latino Tech-Net program, I might not have ever accomplished this, I’m no longer scared that I am unemployable because I know just how far I can go when I focus on my goals. Most of all I’m happy that my daughters can be proud of me.”

Mr. Landeros

“Lily (Counselor) was great! I was able to reach out to her whenever I needed help. She was always accessible. My coworkers keep asking me about it, they can’t believe that I bought a house. They don’t realize it’s not about how much you make, but how much you are saving and what programs are out there that can help.When I believe in a program and I like what it does I make sure to tell everyone about it.”

Ms. GuerreroNEW Homeowner